Saturday, January 02, 2010

Goodbye Bitbox...

This is what 10 years of faithful service looks like. Supermicro P6SBS motherboard, Pentium II 300MHz SL2W8 stepping, 512MB SDRAM, a 4GB and a 9GB Wide SCSI Hard Disk, all in an Inwin A500 midtower ATX case and hand assembled at the Bitboy Command Center. Booted Red Hat Linux 7.2 in 2001, rebooted maybe twice a year since then, mostly for moves or long power outages. If you sent me e-mail in the last 10 years, it ended up on this machine, humming quietly in my living room. Remote mail access via ssh and pine, the way God intended. Apache serving web pages you edited in vi, like men did when the web was young.

I learned much at your shell prompt, old friend. Your lessons made me strong in the ways of Unix, and kept me humble in the face of misplaced semicolons. No e-wasting for you, no recycler will tease the gold from your traces. A frame on the wall for your motherboard, a place of honor for your drives. Bitbox, you leave a fine legacy, and you will be remembered when nerds gather to tell tales of the servers they have known.

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