Monday, October 24, 2005

I may have found the girl of my dreams...

From Craigslist...

Will trade erotic services for Sprint cell phone.
Reply to:
Date: 2005-10-22, 9:46AM PDT

I will trade one complete erotic session for either a Sprint Sanyo 8200 or a Treo 600, 650. Must have clean ESN and be in good condition.

Here is my description:

I am 5 foot 2
A trim 109 lbs
long reddish brown hair
Bright Blue eyes

Fair skin
39 years old

Sorry but I do not have any pics.
Serious inquires only please.

I love the specificity of model, make, and carrier. I'm also curious if she'll go a little further in her "erotic session" for the Bluetooth and 320x320 screen-equipped Treo 650 then for the older and less technically interesting 600. If she got a look at all the extra computer stuff I have around the house, what then? I've got a box of old Pentium II's and III's that might be good for a little something, right?

I love L.A., seriously.

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