Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bomb 'em and feed 'em, said the soldier...

So I'm watching the TV tonight and along comes an ad for a new Pontiac Torrent. I've never heard of the car, and they (meaning Pontiac) obviously don't mind, because their ad is really a music video. No mention of the car's name until the end, just moody dark shots of the car going down city streets as the building lights bounce like an equalizer. The song is what it's all about, it's a brooding noir piece that a little bit of internet research tells me is called "Struggle" off the eponymous debut by Ringside. So I hop on the Gnutella net via Gnucleus and break me off a piece o'that. And here's where it gets weird. There's no way the record company or somebody is not purposefully seeding this song. There are about 9 or 10 listings for the song, and all but 1 listing is 1 or 2 hosts. The biggie is 98 hosts, and the thing is all of them, every last listing, is the same exact size. That just don't make sense. People use different rippers, different encoders, different bitrates, it's all a zoo out there, and yet every one of approximately 120 machines serving the song is serving it at exactly 3658Kb. That's just fishy.

RIAA, you don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to revile filesharers as thieves stealing the bread out of starving artists' mouths, and then turn around and get them to do your marketing gruntwork. You've figured out we're tastemakers and that we are your best advertising. So stop suing us.

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